My family and I moved to BC a little over 2 weeks ago and since moving here, it’s been such a huge change in so many ways. Just one of those ways is the difference in friendliness of people. In my hometown, people keep to themselves but tend to stare a lot. People are very judgemental, rude, and stuck up. Even in the service industry, the service you get is subpar. You’re lucky if you get average or good service. Cashiers will not converse with you while you’re checking out unless they know you and if you try to converse with a cashier you don’t know, the conversation is mostly yes or no answers. And most employees will not go out of their way to help you carry things to your vehicle. I know it’s like that with some people everywhere but the service we’ve received in Kelowna has been amazing. And I don’t expect employees to help carry your stuff every single time, but if your purchase is heavy the fact that employees are willing to help is enough. Even just to offer help…that doesn’t happen where I grew up. People have offered to help us and answer any questions we have without sounding annoyed or bored. My mom and I were shocked when employees asked to help us carry things to our vehicle or when we dropped something and a random person stopped and picked it up then gave it back to us. I honestly don’t know the last time an employee helped us load stuff we bought into our vehicle back in our hometown or the last time a random person picked up something we dropped. Back home, if you drop something, people will stare at you like you’re an idiot and walk past.

Neighbours are really friendly and helpful here in Kelowna as well, which is something that isn’t normal back home. Back home, neighbours keep to themselves and don’t get to know each other. So it’s really nice to have people we can go to if we need help at all and they will be willing to help any way they can. Even people who live around us have been more than happy to show us some cool places to go or showed us where things were.

One thing I have yet to understand is how the house numbers work. Living on a mountain, it’s a lot different than living in the prairies where all land is flat and the house numbers are pretty straight forward; houses on one side of the street go by odd numbers (ex. 5311, 5313, 5315, 5317…) and houses on the other side of the street go by even numbers (ex. 5310, 5312, 5314…). The house numbers seem so sporadic here in Kelowna. At least, where I live. Yesterday, my mom and I were walking to the truck to get in and go get groceries. This old couple stopped on the road in front of our house and asked us where house number so and so was (I don’t remember what number it was). And we gave our best guess as Albertans and I think we were wrong. If anyone knows how house numbers work on mountains, feel free to explain. I’d really love to know.

I’ve only been here for half a month so I’m excited to go on more adventures and tell you all about them!


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