So we live on a mountain. Due to this, we share the land with all sorts of wildlife including, raccoons, deer, and bears. It’s a general rule in this neighbourhood that you never leave your garbage outside because it attracts bears and raccoons. If they are hungry and they smell food, they will destroy your garbage and it will be all over your yard.

A young couple recently moved into the basement suite of this house. I started to notice they were leaving their garbage outside their door. One morning, a bear got into their garbage and it was scattered around the yard. I thought they would notice and clean it up but I was mistaken. I decided to write them a note and leave it on their door to let them know. The note pretty much said:
“Bear got into your garbage. Please be responsible and clean it up. Do not leave garbage outside as it attracts bears and raccoons. The garbage bins are in the garage to make it easier for you. There’s a door across from your bedroom that leads directly into the garage. Garbage truck comes every Monday morning.”
They read the note but after 2-3 days, they never ended up cleaning it up so Matt (my brother) and I had to. We didn’t get a thank you from them or anything. Even after I kindly asked them not to leave their garbage outside and to put it in the garbage bin, they chose to ignore me. They kept putting their garbage outside instead of in the bin in the garage, which is only a few feet from their basement suite.

Today, a hungry bear wandered into our yard, unbeknownst to the people downstairs. It climbed up the pergola in our yard and started chowing down on the wine grapes that cover the structure. I was on the balcony watching the bear when the guy in the basement walked out and decided to sit under the pergola. I thought he saw the bear but apparently not. The bear jump scared him and he booked it to the door to the basement. I then yelled “TOLD YA TO CLEAN UP YOUR GARBAGE!”

Some things, you just have to learn the hard way and sometimes that means having a close encounter with a bear to make you understand.

After the bear left, they cleaned up their garbage and I doubt they will leave it out again.

Image Explanations (in chronological order):

  1. This garbage was sitting out there for at least 2 days
  2. Aftermath of a hungry bear and a bag of trash
  3. Aftermath: Part II
  4. Aftermath: Part II (Close-up)
  5. Garbage still there this morning
  6. Classy bear chilling on top of our pergola and chowing down on wine grapes

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