About Me

TWY Sweater Selfie (B:W)

Well hey! I choose to go by Annie, though it’s not my real name. I will not use my real name here for my own well-being. I’m a 22 year old photographer/videographer. I love going on adventures and exploring new places, taking my camera with me pretty much everywhere I go. I very recently moved to Kelowna, BC from a small border town in Alberta (More on that here). I have a huge passion for music. My favourite genres are indie/alternative, rock, punk and pop punk. I have a dog named Kodaline, Koda for short. She’s my adventure buddy and my best friend. You will see her adorable face a lot on this blog. Go ahead and check out my work, tell me what you think, or just share it around. Feel free to like or reblog my posts or photos and follow me!