Living With ADD/ADHD

For most of my life, I never knew I had ADD/ADHD as I had never been diagnosed but I always felt different than the other kids in my class and in my school. I just didn't know the reason why or what exactly made me different. I never had a lot of friends. I kept…Read more Living With ADD/ADHD


storytime: neighbours, garbage, and bears, oh my!

So we live on a mountain. Due to this, we share the land with all sorts of wildlife including, raccoons, deer, and bears. It's a general rule in this neighbourhood that you never leave your garbage outside because it attracts bears and raccoons. If they are hungry and they smell food, they will destroy your…Read more storytime: neighbours, garbage, and bears, oh my!

the wonder vlogs: a new beginning

So I've been working really hard on revamping one of my youtube channels. Initially, I made the channel because I wanted to do a year of daily vlogs back in 2015. I was never able to complete that goal because 23 days in, I lost my best friend. He was the first dog I called…Read more the wonder vlogs: a new beginning


a very creepy encounter

I've had a few scary experiences involving strangers, mostly older men. This is the most recent story, which happened in early November of 2016. I have a huge fear of walking anywhere alone at night. It makes me extremely anxious and paranoid. I’m a tiny human and it would be pretty easy for someone to…Read more a very creepy encounter


the people of kelowna

My family and I moved to BC a little over 2 weeks ago and since moving here, it's been such a huge change in so many ways. Just one of those ways is the difference in friendliness of people. In my hometown, people keep to themselves but tend to stare a lot. People are very…Read more the people of kelowna


the journey: AB -> BC

I was born in an oil town on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. This town's population is around 30K. Until the age of 10, I lived in a hamlet of about 20-30 people. The hamlet was about 15-20 minutes outside the town I was born in. There were only houses and a hall there.…Read more the journey: AB -> BC


where i’m from: a poem I wrote in grade 9

After moving into our new place here in Kelowna, my mom found this old poem I wrote in grade 9. I have no recollection of writing this but I thought it would be cool to share it.   Where I'm From I'm from a small country house, and a big yard, so big I felt…Read more where i’m from: a poem I wrote in grade 9